One of our key approaches is ‘delivering the numbers’.  This can take many forms but presenting meaningful numbers in a timely and accurate fashion is key to our engagement.  Our goal is to ensure that you receive effective management information to provide you, the business owner, an overview on the recent performance and also into the key drivers so that you can make decisions to maximise profit.

Financial Reporting

From the standard system produced Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet reporting, we can also deliver comparisons to targets and multi-level reports across multiple periods to assess movements over time.  These support decision making based on facts, and remove some of the noise from your numbers.

Business Intelligence Reports

Key Performance Indicators (KPI), Dashboards, Benchmarking, Business Analysis, Trend Analysis.  Big words used by big business, but we can simplify these and make them meaningful for you and assist in understanding the key drivers in the business based on current and historic trends.

Key Commercial Reports

We have a suite of other easy to understand reports that can be implemented including cash flow reporting and forecasting, sales reports, debtor and creditor analysis, direct and overhead costs reviews, project reports, and the more traditional accounting measures.

We will help develop reports to determine better business decisions

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