Having worked implementing accounting and business systems across many industries for the past 25 years, we believe we know what we are doing and we have a wealth of experience to offer you in areas that perhaps you do not.

Leverage our industry experience and know how to help you work out the best solution for your needs and to get the right outcome. We will engage and do that work that’s “too hard” or there isn’t ever enough time for. We will help with the achievement of your business goals and are able to align directly with your critical success factors, and offer impartial, transparent advice.

We will:

  • Commit to take ownership of the specification, selection and implementation of the solution
  • Define and document your requirements
  • Provide all professional services and consulting to ensure your system not only works as expected, but delivers the results you need
  • Cut through the sales hype and get the right product or manage your vendors
  • Manage the change and the “risk” associated with the significant event of changing systems
  • Make your systems talk
  • Fix an otherwise disastrous implementation
  • Provide assistance and expertise where and as required
  • Manage and deliver your ongoing requirements


Our aim is to demystify the process of replacing your accounting system, to cut through the marketing noise and to take the stress and unknowns out of process, or simply make your systems work together the way they should. Our job is to offer you a unique accounting systems selection, implementation and management service to ensure you project is kept on time, on spec and on budget.



  • Requirements and processes
  • Reporting and analysis
  • Variable and GAP Analysis
  • Implementation plan
  • Define current business processes


  • Review alternatives
  • manage attributes
  • Solution decision




  • Document processes
  • Define requirements
  • Report requirements
  • Define criteria and deficiencies
  • Formalize expectations and outcomes
  • Understand the budget


  • Cost and time frames
  • Project plan and stages
  • Deliverables and outcomes




  • Product demo
  • Review functionality
  • Understand offer
  • Define suitability
  • Understand weaknesses and strengths
  • Keep vendor honest and accountable



  • Project and implementation management
  • EOM reconciliation
  • Project completion





Let us take our in-depth software knowledge and our 25 years in the game and take your system to the next level, to use it to its fullest and really make it help your business. We can roll up our sleeves and help you:

  • Align the software with your requirements
  • Make your processes smooth and seamless
  • Ensure your staff are trained and knowledgeable
  • Control and manage your data
  • Organize our outputs so that you actually get useful management information, on a regular basis!
  • Strategically help you evolve your systems to meet your changing business demands


After all that’s what you bought it for, to make things easier, right? Our services consist of supplying people, skills and tools at different levels on a regular basis to help drive the outcomes you define, month in and month out.

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