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I can work on the business instead of in the business

Bryan-Wilsie Trading Pty Ltd

I’ve been in business for nearly 5 years now and through that time I have relied on bookkeepers to keep me up to date with policies and procedures that I need to have in the cleaning industry. Unfortunately, the advice that I had received over the years has gotten me into a bit of trouble with the ATO. It wasn’t until a mutual friend of Graeme Batt’s and myself heard what I was going through and connected me with Graeme and his team at The Admin Manager. Since handing my bookkeeping over to him late 2013 the team at The Admin Manager have been working tirelessly to bring my books back to date and get all the accounts acceptable for the ATO. I can say that having them ‘on the pitch’ for me and the work that they have done gives me the confidence and peace of mind that everything will work out in the long run. The positive outlook, honest approach and accountability they have given me every step of the way is exactly what I have needed, and I cannot thank the team enough for bringing me back into the game, where I can work on my business instead of in my business. Thanks The Admin Manager :0)

For 15 years, TAM work has been on time, accurate and in line with expectations

Steve Quill – Partner, Brealey Quill Kenny

“Some of our clients have used The Admin Manager/Epoch Admin at times over a period of the last 15 years. During that time we have found their work to be timely and accurate and in line with expectations.”

The peace of mind of a trusted and reliable partner

Director – Bitstorm Communications

“The services and support provided to Bitstorm Communications since 2013 has allowed us to focus on the technical aspects of our business, whilst having peace of mind that a trusted and reliable partner is ensuring that our invoices, payments and general accounts is being accurately and professionally managed. It feels as if Epoch Admin Bookkeeping are a part of our core team, without the added overhead of internally employing someone full-time. When we have needed more support it is always available and therefore has been able to scale and surge with our business as and when required.

Of particular note, the bookkeeping services have been excellent in liaising with our business accountant and ensuring that all BAS and ASIC compliance is being managed on time. Following up of debtors and helping to ensure our cash-flow is maximised has also been a critically important element to the support of which Epoch Admin has been instrumental in coordinating. Adoption of internal business processes, tools and management systems has been seamless by Epoch Admin, resulting in fast integration into our business and rapid identification of what requires attention. I highly recommend the services of The Admin Manager to any company focus on core business and results.”

Previously we had a multitude of problems with our bookkeeper

Scott Penman – Focused Power Solutions

“Thank you for all the help and expertise you have provided me over the last 2 years since we brought you on-board. Previously we had a multitude of problems with our bookkeeper. We had a lot of problems with filing of BAS statements late, Income missing from BAS statements and P&L’s incorrectly stated. I was continuously wasting many hours going through double checking other people’s work. EAB came on board and audited my books and found more problems. They wasted no time getting to work on my books and getting them back on track. EAB does all my payroll, BAS filing, P&L’s and filing of Payroll tax. I’ve been very impressed with the work Sadie and Sandra have done and are always available to assist with any queries or changes I require.

I would have no hesitation in recommending TAM as they have all the expertise required to help any business with their bookkeeping and admin needs.”

Assistance since the late 1990’s ….

David A Ryan – Business Owner

“I first engaged Graeme Batt in the late 1990’s to advise on the upgrading of our computer systems at Sussex Industries. On his advice we purchased a system and engaged Graeme to install the program, transfer the data and train our staff. That software and Graeme’s support were still operating when the business was sold in 2008. Throughout to intervening years Graeme, The Admin Manager and Epoch Admin Bookkeeping continue to provide professional software advice and support and bookkeeping assistance whenever I need it.”


TAM have proven to be reliable, accurate and knowledgeable

Cameron Brown – Principal, Lawrence Business Management

“Epoch Admin Bookkeeping handle bookkeeping requirements for several of our clients and have proven to be reliable, accurate & knowledgeable. Their initial data file health checks are a valuable for resource for all clients wanting to straighten their books out and I have no hesitation in recommending them to any prospective clients”

Exceeded our expectations

Glen Gurney –  Partner, Cornerstone Partners

Cornerstone Partners are currently and have been using the Admin Manager for a period of 4 years.

“We have been very satisfied with the service provided by Graeme Batt and Epoch Admin and the professionalism during our engagements has exceeded our expectations. Requests have been attended to in a timely manner with attention to detail in all work performed. I would not hesitate in referring Epoch Admin Bookkeeping to anyone that requires a bookkeeping service.”

It took pressure off me to know that at times when difficulties arose I could readily access the support I needed

Rory Coffey – Irwin Valley Milling

“Before the activities of Epoch Admin Bookkeeping our accounts were in a very rudimentary state. Our biggest simple problem. we lacked the up to date financials to keep track of the company’s position and our handling of customer accounts in terms of timely invoicing, monitoring and recording payments was virtually non-existent and we had no system in place to manage stock control. Our EAB admin solution has allowed us to take control of our administration with a disciplined monitoring capability. This has allowed us to free up time from admin duties and direct our time towards building the company with a focus on marketing and business development. The production of regular financials has also provided us with the ability to approach investors and prospective business partners with the information they need to make an informed decision to invest in our business. I don’t think any of this would have been possible without the help we received from EAB. It took pressure off me to know that at times when difficulties arose I could readily access the support I needed to resolve our issues. I would recommend that businesses without the internal skills and systems to operate their administration efficiently outsource to TAM who have the skills and abilities to undertake the tasks more efficiently.”

Flexibility, professionalism and timely support

Daniel Jackson – Director, Omni Assist Pty Ltd

“As a growing small business spread across Australasia, we are always looking to work as cost efficiently as possible whilst maintaining good communication and control of our business. Yet, the requirement for a full time account manager to support our operations is not an overhead that we require. The flexibility, professionalism and timely support the team from Epoch Admin Bookkeeping has provided since 2012 has been exemplary in meeting our business growth and demands.”

I have found Graeme and his teams service to be second to none

Linda Everard – The Fremantle Foundry & Engineering Co.

“I started with The Fremantle Foundry & Engineering Co. 10 years ago; the accounting package that was being used was completely new no me. Graeme and his team at either Epoch Admin or The Admin Manager have serviced our organizations systems and bookkeeping requirements and helped when we needed it for the past 18 years, during that time I have found Graeme’s teams service to be second to none. Recently, our Company has saved over $70,000 a year all because Graeme and his team have shown us how to use our systems to their full potential and we no longer have to refer to an outside accountant every month. Being able to do everything in house from stock control to the BAS has saved us not only money but man hours as well. Graeme and the entire team in both entities have always been very professional and helpful in the way they go about solving any problems that we may experience. You are kept informed every step of the way from the time they log that I require help until the task has been completed. Thank you guys.”

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